How are shipments managed

The items ordered online are carefully packaged with the appropriate Bata packaging and are sent for shipping through Fargo Courier.

Where do you deliver

Delivery is made exclusively on the Kenyan territory.

What are the delivery times

The courier delivers the goods approximately within three working days from the date of receipt of the items. However, Bata Kenya is not responsible for any delays.

Will i receive a single package

The goods are shipped from our direct Bata points of sale in Kenya. If the items ordered are not all available at the same point of sale, they will be shipped from different points of sale at no additional cost to you.

Can i monitor the shipment

You can check the progress of your shipment using the waybill number on the website Fargo Courier under the track your parcel section using the order number or the MPESA reference code. You may also contact our customer service desk call phone or via e-mail.

Which address should i indicate for shipping?

We remind you to provide us with an address from which the courier can find someone to collect the package upon delivery. If you can't receive the parcel at your home, tell us the address of a person you trust (relatives, friends) or, if possible, your workplace. We recommend that you indicate the details of your address very precisely

  • Name and surname: or company name (name of the building and floor Bata Kenya, Limuru, Thomas Bata Avenue, House number 31)

  • Address: street, lane etc. without abbreviations (e.g. Moi Avenue, Monrovia Street).

  • House number: must always be specified, if not present indicates (Without House number).

  • Town: indicates the name of the town.

  • Landmark: Indicate the nearest landmark closest to your location (e.g. church, school etc.)

Will i be contacted by the courier before delivery?

No, the courier will not contact you before delivery. We advise you to monitor the progress of the shipment on Fargo Courier to track the status of the order

Security in transactions

Are the online payments safe

The Site is equipped with a protection system. Your bank details are encrypted and protected through the SSL encryption procedure to ensure absolute confidentiality. Your bank details will not be accessible to third parties on the Internet. For this reason, you will need to enter your credit/debit card number for each new order.

What are the “verified by visa” “secure code” systems

In order to reduce the fraudulent use of the most used credit cards on the Internet, Visa have developed two security systems called Verified by Visa Secure Code respectively. These systems allow credit card holders to authorize Internet payment through password-protected authentication. Cardholders must apply to the institution that issued their credit card and adhere to the Verified by Visa Secure Code protocols to be certified as "Verified" or "Secure Code". The card is associated with a password known only to the cardholder

Substitution of products

Can I replace the product I received?

You can request the replacement of the product within thirty days from the date of receipt of the same. The product for which the replacement is requested must be intact and with the original packaging. The replacement request must be made, by presenting the purchase receipt, at one of the Bata direct stores present in Kenya at the cashier’s desk. The product may be replaced with another of equal or greater amount (in this case by integrating the price) please note that the value of the product does not include the shipping cost.

I did not find the model or size for the replacement.

Don't worry if you haven't found the size or model you have chosen to make the change at the Bata Direct sales point, you can contact our customer care contacts either call phone or e-mail and request for a check for availability. You may also exchange the product with a product worth the same value.

Availability of products

Can I get information on the availability of an item at a store?

If you want to know the availability of one or more items at the points of sale that are part of the Bata Home service, contact us by e-mail or call phone, we will check availability.

My order was unsuccessful, what can I do?

If your order has been unsuccessful it means that the item is not available, contact us by e-mail or call phone, we will carry out a thorough search and keep you updated