Bata wishes you a Healthy & Happy 2021

Dear Bata Customer,

The year 2020 was riddled with unprecedented challenges and unexpected opportunities. The ongoing pandemic altered our lives in many ways and made us realize the value of our family & friends and so much that we have taken for granted in the past. With the year ending, it is time to step back, reflect and be grateful for our numerous blessings.

We wanted to reach out and thank you for your support and unflinching loyalty during this difficult time for all of us, for being our guiding light throughout the year and motivating us to do better every day. It is customers such as you that help us hold our own during these tough times and keep the team morale high. We could speak to some of you and took your valuable feedback to adapt our operations. Things have not always gone smoothly over the last 9 eventful months – but we would like to thank you for bearing with us and motivating our teams who have worked against all odds to service your needs in old and new ways.

At Bata, offering you the most comfortable pair of footwear remains important, whatever occasion you use it for - be it socializing with friends, getting back to work, running, walking, a casual outdoor trip, or just relaxing at home. You will always find footwear right for the occasion with us whether in-store or online. To help you discover products easily, we continued to strengthen our e-commerce facilities by introducing all the products available in our stores on to our online site – which now has over 300+ styles and delivers all across Kenya.

To bring convenient shopping to you, we also launched shopping over WhatsApp, called ‘Bata ChatShop’, wherein you could locate your nearest stores, chat and call with our store managers and get products delivered to your home. All along, we kept the safety & well-being of our customers, staff and store always the priority, by equipping all our stores with sanitizers and masks for our staff.

With most people working from home, we were quick to anticipate the demand for comfort, active-wear and casual shoes. We curated the Work from Home, Easy Wash, Fitness at Home collections for catering to your newer needs. To ensure that you got the right pair you wanted on visiting our stores, we have an ecommerce team whom you can contact and are able to source your exact fit and style from a nearby Bata store, and then having it delivered directly to your home.

At Bata group, offering greener and sustainable solutions for our planet is very important. In addition to numerous initiatives in our factories and products like using water-based adhesives, Life Natural anti-bacterial ingredient for our shoes and Power shoes made out of recyclable tires, we are now bringing newer solutions for our customers. We have now started offering recyclable shopping bags that are durable enough to reuse on multiple shopping trips.

We would love to hear back from you with more ideas on how we can help you move forward at

The indomitable human spirit, as it has always done, will find a way to put the challenges of 2020 behind us and surge ahead in the months to come. Here’s to new beginnings and a happier and healthier 2021!

Warm regards,

Sandeep Kataria,

CEO – Bata Group

Jeddidah Thotho,

Country Manager – Bata Kenya

Graham Allan,

Chairman of the Bata board